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The Mission

Caveman Kitchen will provide Australia with healthy, nourishing, and downright delicious meals.

At Caveman Kitchen we don’t believe in fad diets or complicated fixes. We believe in whole and un-processed foods, no preservatives or ‘E’ numbers, and uber deliciousness all combined in one convenient, home delivered meal!

We will nourish the time poor, we will eliminate the ‘eat crap or go hungry’ dilemma, and by God we will give you your weekends back!

A Simple Idea…

Brisbane, 2014 – a local couple sit contemplating another Sunday lost to the bane of all primal livers/crossfitters – weekly food prep. A deceptively long process – between markets, butchers, the seafood guy, and a trip to your local health food grocer; followed by hours spent in the kitchen trying to come up with new ways to make large batches of food that don’t all taste the same. ‘Bugger it’ they thought, ‘we want our Sundays back!’ – and began to search for a food delivery service that didn’t supply meals full of processed carbohydrates, added sugar, preservatives and ingredients we’ve never even heard of let alone know how to pronounce! To their surprise, and for possibly the first time ever, Google failed them. Nowhere in Brisbane could a time poor weekend warrior, a health conscious Mum nor a gluten/lactose/grain free subscriber order fresh meals to be delivered each week. And thus, Caveman Kitchen was born.

Over the years we have grown and now, out of our Bulimba kitchen we chop, slice, poach, roast, boil, bake, blend and puree the best ingredients available into delicious meals to be sent out over the whole of South-East QLD, NSW, Canberra, and Melbourne.

Meet the Team

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Dave & Abbey – The Founders

Co-founders and your regular suburban couple, striving every day to live life extraordinary. Having both thrown in the corporate towel they now devote their time to Caveman Kitchen and delivering awesome food to the people of Australia. Both driven to lead the best life possible, you will find them most often at the gym, hiking/running/horsing-around with their pooch Murphy (actually the cutest dog in the world), or out exploring Australia in their 6 wheel drive Land Rover camper van (bet you didn’t see that one coming!)


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Olive – The Newest Addition

While not technically contributing a whole lot to the cooking process, she’s just so darn cute we couldn’t leave her out. The newest addition to the Caveman family (born May 14, 2017) Olive enjoys her frequent visits to the kitchen team, loooong naps (which Dave and Abbey are very grateful for), and oddly enough is a conossiour of fine art (in other words, she likes looking at the pretty pretty colours).

In the years to come Olive will no doubt become chief taste tester and feedback giver!



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Caitlin – The Customer Love Guru

Caitlin  is the friendly face you will see on Live Chat and chirpy voice to answer your calls during the week. Living on the Sunshine Coast, Caitlin loves the sun, surf and sand. After coming home from travelling the globe for the past 5 years (visiting 32 counties, just saying) it was time for her to try her hand at something new – fresh food delivery!


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Paul – The Head Chef & Lead Tastologist

Paul is in charge of making everything taste spectacular, and we think he does such a good job of it we even had to make up a word just to give him a suitable job title.  Paul is a great inspiration having lost over 35kg after switching to a Paleo style diet, donning the lycra and hitting the tarmac on his road bike to punch out thousands of kilometers every year for charity.


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Murphy – The Office Pooch

Murphy makes sure the guys in the office are working hard, unfortunately he doesn’t practice what he preaches and can usually be found napping in the sun.

He insists on taste tasting all new meals to ensure they pass his strict standards, safe to say we are yet to find a Caveman meal that doesn’t make the cut!