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Build Your Own

So after two years in business here’s what we’ve discovered. Tech stuff is a) really fun, b) really hard, and c) really expensive!

We have some really cool stuff planned for this page, but while we’re saving up to make it happen, we don’t want you to miss out on Building Your Own Pack – so please head to our Build Your Own One Off page to get creating!

You can then drop us an email here or at to let us know you would like to make that a subscription, and we can get that all set up manually in the system for you.

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Product Description

Here’s the deal – life is different for everyone, and we don’t like to pigeon hole you. In fact we don’t like to place you in any hole that a bird has created and/or resided in. So with that in mind we’re working like busy beavers to not only come up various with animal metaphors, but to create a system that allows you to design your own pack! That will mean you can have as many meals as you like, on any given week, to suit your needs!


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