The Hungry Hungry Hippo  The Hungry Hungry Hippo The Hungry Hungry Hippo

The Hungry Hungry Hippo

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Need to bulk? Been told by a health professional to eat more? Looking for 4 meals a day, 7 days a week? Well we have got you covered amigo! The 28 pack is for the serious athlete, the serial gym-goer, the active Joe, the bulking madman, the…that’s it we’re out. Seriously though – if you’re super intense in the training, have big fitness goals, and go all ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’ with one glance at the supermarket, then you’re in the right place.

But wait, there’s more! Along with throwing in a set of steak knives (not really), you can also order super discounted healthy protein balls, snack bars, and protein powders from our snack store. It’s bascially like all of your Christmases have come at once.

Additional Information


The standard meal size rages between 1300 kilojoules (332 calories) and 1700 kilojoules (420 calories) and are well suited to females with a limited to medium level of physical activity each week.


Ranging between 1900 kilojoules (475 calories) and 2400 kilojoules (600 calories), the Large size meals are recommended for Men with a limited to medium level of physical activity each week. Women that take part in high levels of physical activity.


Ranging between 2500 kilojoules (618 calories) and 3100 kilojoules (780 calories), the Athlete size meals are recommended for Men/Women that take part in high levels of physical activity each week.

Which Meals Should I Choose?

All of our meals are designed to help create the healthiest version of you, and have a great balance of macro-nutrients (that is, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates).

Depending on your personal goals however, some meals may be better suited than others, so we have created an easy to use symbol system.

Beside each meal you will see any combination of the below symbols, that will help you make the best meal choices for you

Weight Loss: to help strip that fat!
Increased Energy: for maintenance of weight and increased vitality!
Muscle Gainer: for dem gainz!

It’s really important to remember that a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about food, so the above guidelines aren’t going to get you to your goal on their own. The plus side is nutrition is the foundation, so you’re already 80% of the way there! Combined with physical activity, lowered stress, good amounts of sleep, and loads of liquid gold (aka H2O) you’re on your way to your healthiest you!

Side Note

Meal size recommendations are just that, recommendations. If you are keen for more specific advice on your individual dietry requirements (remember, every body is different!), please touch base with us at here and we will refer you to our recommended nutritionist who is always more than happy to create meal plans specific to your goals and liestyle.


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