Paleo Pumpkin Lasagna Paleo Pumpkin Lasagne 400x300 1

Paleo Pumpkin Lasagna

We have worked hard to remake this classic into a super healthy delight!  With rich, creamy, decadent layers of bolognese, butternut pumpkin and home made ‘béchamel’ sauce (don’t worry there is no milk or flour here!) served with a side of baby spinach, we are certain this will become a Caveman favourite!

 Butternut pumpkin, beef, cauliflower, onion, tomato paste, free range egg, ghee, basil, garlic, pepper, salt

Paleo Pumpkin Lasagna Paleo Pumpkin Lasagna

*Meal weights are subject to a variance of +/- 10% of the stated weight, due to varying degrees of water loss in the cooking process. Nutritional values remain correct.