Meatzaaa! Meatza 400x300


Ok so we all thought that pizza was like, the greatest invention of all time. Turns out, Meatza is totally better! Picture your traditional Italian favourite, but the base is meat. That’s right, a big, juicy hunk of lamb rissole is the base of this bad boy. Topped with fresh veg and goats cheese, with a side of sweet potato and beetroot chips – bellissimo!

Chief Life_Increased Energy  Meatzaaa! Chief Life Increased Energy 300x300Ingredients: Beef, Lamb, egg, capsicum, pumpkin, tomato, jalapeno, mushroom, tomato paste, sweet potato, beetroot, onion, garlic, coconut oil, almond meal, goat cheese, mixed herbs, himalayan rock salt, cracked pepper.

Meatzaaa! Meatza

*Meal weights are subject to a variance of +/- 10% of the stated weight, due to varying degrees of water loss in the cooking process. Nutritional values remain correct.